Monday, June 11, 2012

A Reason to update...

I'm not a blogger.  Don't think I ever will matter how much I wish I was, but who doesn't want to see pictures of our sweet little addition??

Luke Austin Davison
May 31, 2012
8lbs 15 oz and 21 1/2in long

I went into labor Wednesday night, but waited until 6am Thursday morning to go to the hospital.  I wanted Dylan to be able to sleep as much as possible and didn't want to wake my Dad up to come stay with Micah, until I absolutely had to.  When I went into labor with Micah - I went straight to the hospital and laid around for hours, so I wanted to take a different approach this time!  Around 6am we got into our room and answered the million questions they ask you - I was 5cm.  I decided to walk around for a while to speed things up.  Around 9am the doctor broke my water.  45 minutes later - I was debating on getting an epidural, but I wanted to see how far I had progressed.  Since I mentioned an epidural - the silly nurse wouldn't check me because she said she "just" had.  Needless to say - I got an epidural at 10cm...just in time to push :)  Luke came crazy fast at 10:03am...sweet and healthy!

First time Micah held Luke

Every morning Micah has to hold Luke to give him kisses

 Hanging out at the beach


  1. Hi Melissa! I'm sooo happy for you & Dylan & Micah! Luke is precious and beautiful! The best thing that ever happened to our family was having the boys so close in age, they are absolutely inseperable and best friends. I know your boys will be the same and it will be so much fun. I'm so glad you posted the good news! :)

  2. so glad to see you back on the blog! Of course we want to see beautiful Luke!! Sounds like you had a great delivery!

  3. Hi

    My name is Jenna. Your boys are a special miracle from god, a gift from above, earthly angel. Your boys are full of happiness, life, smiles, joy, fun,love, and spunk.

    I was born with a rare life threatening disease, and have 14 other medical conditions, and developmental delays.

    I wrote this poem
    Each of us are Special
    Each of us different,
    No one is the same
    Each of are us are unique in our own way,
    Those of us who have challenges, we smile through our day.
    Those who of us who have challenges, we smile through our day.
    It doesn't matter what others say
    we are special anyway.
    What is forty feet and sings? the school chior